Set Up POS Depts & G/L   Distribution Gift Certificate/Layaway Maintenance
Using Point of Sale Gift Certificate/Layaway Print
Total Cash Registers Credit Card Report
Print Receipt Tape Sales Journal
Sales Transactions Sales Forecast and Open to Buy
Order Entry Sales on Consignment

Set Up of Point of Sale Departments and General Ledger Distribution

Several system configuration settings are key to customized point of sale.  While point of sale is functional as the way it is distributed, settings such as department names, sales tax rates, etc., need to be setup before it is practical to use the point of sale for day to day business.  Most of the those settings are in:

In SYS, Config File, Cash Register Config, set up:

Store Name, Departments, Pay Types & Misc., Coupons & Discounts, Paid Outs, and Credit Card/Credits. (See the SYStem Configuration instructions in the "Miscellaneous Other Programs" section of this reference manual.)

Using Point of Sale - POS

A.    POS - Opening Point of Sale

At a terminal designated to be a Point of Sale, enter <POS> at the "Enter Program Name" prompt.  The Passcode, Employee #, Freq Buyer #, Area Code, and Phone # fields can be set up according to your needs in SYStem Configuration.   (See "POS - Opening POS Screen" for instructions on setting up these features.)

B.    POS - Transactions

See "POS - Point of Sale Transactions" for detailed instructions for POS transactions.

However, we have compiled a Quick Reference for POS, which will give quick points of reference or shortcuts for some POS transaction routines.  (You might want to photocopy the page and place in sheet protectors to keep at each POS terminal as a quick reference for employees.)

 Total Cash Registers- SLTL

A.    Total Routine

End of day/or mid-day total & close out of point of sale(s).  Totals include department sales, taxes, etc.  Totals will be cleared.  For RMS Platimum users, totals will be automatically transferred to the sales journal (SLE).

B.    Display Subtotals No Print

The department sales, total sales, taxes, etc. will be displayed to the screen.  Totals are not cleared

C.    Subtotal All Registers

All point of sale stations sales/totals will be consolidated and printed.  Totals will not be cleared.

Print Receipt Tape - SLTP

The SLTP program prints a list of all sales for the day by cash register entry.  Each cash register is printed in a separate column, three registers to a page.  No Point of Sale terminal should be open when this program is started.  After printing has started, you may open Point of Sale.

Sales Transactions

A.    View

The SLTR program allows you to view saved transactions.

B.    Delete 

Clear old transactions from the saved transactions file by running the SLTD program.

Sales on Consignment - SLOC

Gift Certificate/Layaway Maintenance - SLGL

SLGL is used for maintenance of gift certificates and layaways.  A control number is automatically assigned when a layaway or gift certificate is set up at Point of Sale. To add your existing layaways or gift certificates, enter the control number already given.  If you need to put items back in stock, take the amount from sales, and refund money paid, you must void the sale and delete the layaway through the Point of Sale.

Gift Certificate/Layaway Print - SLGP

To print outstanding gift certificate and layaway balances, use the SLGP options.

Credit Card Report

The SLCC program allows you to view or print a report of electronic credit card transactions.

Sales Journal

A.    SLE - Add/Change/Delete Daily Sales

The sales for the day are automatically entered on the Sales Journal when an SLTL total routine is run.  Use the SLE program to enter the cash for the day and any other changes if needed.  You will have to select the store number and date.  In this program you may add sales, change sales, and delete sales.

B.    SLT - Total Sales Journal

View point of sale totals for a given period.

C.    SLP - Sales Journal Print

Print daily point of sales totals for a given month

D.    SLA - Sales Journal Analysis

Compare department totals by month over a 5 year period.

Sales Forecast and Open to Buy

Run SLFC program to forecast sales and open to buy for the next three months.

Order Entry

The order entry programs OE, OED, OEL, OEP, and OEPOS are optional programs of Bookstore Manager Software.  These program allow you to enter telephone orders for a customer, automatically ring up the order at the work station or point of sale, and make special orders for items that are not in stock.  A picking ticket can be printed, and when the sale is rung up, a shipping label will be printed. Call BSMGR if you are interested in these programs.