Cash Register Config

Enter your store’s number, and select Continue=F5.

Change Store Name

Enter or change the name of store.

Depts 1-8

Set up or change Departments 1-8

Note:    If you will be using the IVHR “Weekly with Min/Max Changes,”  the number “9” in this field, sets the min/max to the last eight weeks of sales.  This requires that you do the weekly history roll.

Note:    “0” in this field exempts the entire department from min/max changes through IVHR.

a.    "V" for video rentals department.

b.    "X" to exempt from adding to In Store coupon purchase accruals.

Example:    If Department #1 is for “Concert Tickets,” the store wouldn’t want those purchases to accrue toward the next In Store coupon.

c.    "D" to disable department key.

Note: If an SKU item is sold and assigned to a department that has been disabled, it will still allow the SKU sale.

Select F5-Options to Save the entries.  "Do you wish to update the G/L?" will be displayed.  Yes will change the account name on G/L income accounts as entered in the description field and will check to make sure all G/L numbers are set up in the general ledger.  If not, you will need to go to GLM ("General Ledger Maintenance") and enter the accounts.

Depts 9-16, Depts 17-24, Depts 25-32, Depts 33-40, Depts 41-48

(Same as departments 1-8.)

Pay Types & Misc

Select F5-Options to Save the entries.

Coupons & Discounts


Note:    In the future, stores may want to be able to give away coupons over the Internet.  To be able to prevent coupons from being used over and over by a particular customer, you would need to associate a discount type at POS as a coupon type that needs validation.  The seventh “Coupons & Discounts” type position would allow you to do that.  Also, SYS, Config File, Change Misc. Configurations, number 4039 should be set up to indicate whether the coupon is allowed to be used only one time, or multiple times.

Example:  A store might send everyone on its mailing list a numbered Internet coupon good for $5.00 off the next purchase of $25.00, such as Coupon #25.  When the coupon is redeemed at POS, the $5.00 discount should be applied to the “Internet” discount type; thereby validating Coupon #25 as having been used.

Select F5-Options to Save the entries.

Paid Outs

There are six paid out fields that you may configure.  Enter the description and general ledger expense account that corresponds to the paid out field chosen.

Select F5-Options to Save the entries.

Credit Cards/Credits

Enter the type of credit cards that you accept and the description of in-store credit, if offered.

Enter the general ledger asset accounts where the deposits for the cards will be sent or the general ledger account for in-store credits.

Select one of the routines used at the POS:

Select F5-Options to Save the entries.

After choosing to Save, "Do you wish to update the general ledger?" will be displayed. Select Yes and the general ledger account numbers for the cash register departments you have entered will be changed to the description entered here.


The optional BSMGR Quick Books interface is designed for stores who have purchased QuickBooks software and desire the sales journal detail to be exported directly into QuickBooks.  More detailed instruction for the QuickBooks interface is available by clicking on the “Tutor” toolbar icon, choosing BSMGR tech documents and then viewing/printing “QuickBooks link from RMS”.  Using the BSMGR QuickBooks interface requires the user to “set up a link” between BSMGR and QuickBooks by going through the various point of sale and sales journal accounts and linking them to their various QuickBooks equivalents. Here are a few screen captures: