Accounts Payable Vendor Maintenance
Accounts Payable Entry
Accounts Payable Utilities
Accounts Payable to General Ledger


Accounts Payable Vendor Maintenance

A.    APHD - Company Header Information.

The APHD program allows you to set up and make changes to the company profile for your store in Accounts Payable.

B.    APM - Adding/Changing/Deleting Accounts Payable Vendors.

Use the APM program to add new vendors, change vendor information and delete vendors.

C.    APRM - Accounts Payable Recurring Maintenance

D.    APP and APRP - Accounts Payable Vendor Lists

Accounts Payable Entry

A.    APE - Accounts Payable Entry

The APE program allows you to enter Accounts Payable credit memos and invoices to be paid by computer check.  It also allows you to enter office checks, void computer checks, or delete unpaid invoices or credit memos.

1.    Invoice/Credit Memo

These may be added on the same batch by switching between the "Invoice" and "Credit Memo" options.

2.    Office Check

You may mark paid an invoice that has been entered for payment, or you may enter and mark paid an invoice that has not been previously entered.

*    When marking paid an invoice that has already been entered, choose the "Mark Existing Invoices as Paid" option.  Enter the vendor number, the invoice number that has been paid, the check number and the date paid. 

*    When paying an invoice that has not been entered, enter as a new invoice using the "Enter and Pay Invoice" option.  The invoice will be entered and marked paid with the office check number and date paid.  The amount will be expensed in the general ledger and taken out of the general ledger bank account, so do not enter with the other office checks.

3.    Void a Check - Allows you to void any computer check that has been written.  This will be sent to the general ledger on the date the check was voided.  The check number and date will be removed from the invoice number and the invoice may be paid again.  If the invoice was entered in error, you will need to delete the invoice using the "Delete an Unpaid Invoice" option.

B.    APRE - Accounts Payable Recurring Entry

The APRE program is used to merge the recurring payments each month, so the payments will be entered on the Accounts Payable vendors to be paid.  This must be done before you run the APDD ("Pay By Due Date") or APBI ("Pay by Invoice") programs.  These payments can only be merged one time a month.

C.    API - Accounts Payable Vendor Inquiry

The API program allows you to view/print invoices and credit memos for individual vendor accounts.  You may view the file in order by invoice date or invoice number.


A.    APR - Accounts Payable Required Amounts Due

B.    APDD - Accounts Payable Pay by Due Date

C.    APBI - Accounts Payable Pay by Invoice

D.    APCP - Accounts Payable Check Print

Run the APCP program to write the checks for the invoices/credit memos that have been tagged.  A test pattern will be printed on the bottom line of the voucher for dot matrix printers.  On laser printers you will not need a test pattern.

E.    APUL - Accounts Payable Utilities

F.    APCR - Accounts Payable Check Register

Run the APCR program to print a list of all computer-generated checks.  The end of month report prints out a list of checks written since the last end of month was run.  If this is run at the end of each month, you will have a list of all checks written for the month.  This is helpful in completing your bank reconciliation.  If a check has been voided before the check run is printed, it will show to be voided and will not be added in the total at the end of the report.  A voided check is sent to the general ledger by the date it was voided.

Accounts Payable Aging and Updating

A.    APA - Accounts Payable Aging

You can determine the total amount due for each month of the year by running the APA program.  The report will list the vendors with unpaid invoices and the month they are due.  The totals due for each month will be printed at the bottom of the report.

B.    APDP - Accounts Payable Discount Print

Run the APDP program for an A/P discount report.  This report will list all of the vendors that have invoices with discounts that have not been taken.  Unpaid invoices that have discounts that had to be taken before the day of the report will not be on the report.

C.    APHU - Accounts Payable History Update

Run the APHU program to update the amounts spent with vendors. This program moves the APM current year totals to last year’s totals and deletes the previous year’s totals.  Run the program once a year, usually in December.

D.    APVE - Accounts Payable Vendor Edit

Run the APVE program to drop paid invoices/credit memos that have been paid from one to sixty months.  The number of months to keep paid invoices on file is set up in SYS, Config File, Change Misc. Configurations, number 3000.

Accounts Payable to General Ledger

All entries made in the APE, APRE, & APCP programs go to a holding file, to be sent to the General Ledger when you run the GLAP program.

A.    Invoices to General Ledger

B.    Credit Memos to General Ledger

C.    Computer Checks to General Ledger

 D.    Office Checks to General Ledger

Office checks may be handled three different ways:

E.    Accounts Payable Holding File - GLAP