To open APHD, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <, or simply enter <APHD> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

This program allows you to set up and make changes to the company profile for your store in Accounts Payable.

Vendor Name

Enter the name of your store.

Chk Addr 1, 2, 3

Enter the address of your store.

Zip Code

Enter your zip code.

Comment 1, 2, 3

Enter any comments.


Enter the general ledger number for Accounts Payable Trade.

Discount GL#

Enter the general ledger number for Discounts Earned.

Bank GL#

Enter the general ledger number for the bank account on which Accounts Payable checks are written.

Freight GL#

Enter the general ledger number for Freight expense.  Any amount that is disbursed to this number will not be allowed a discount in APE ("Accounts Payable Entry").


Enter the password you will need to get into APE ("Accounts Payable Entry"), API ("Accounts Payable Inquiry"), and when invoices are pulled to be paid, APDD ("Pay by Due Date") or APBI ("Pay by Invoice").  The two SYS ("System Maintenance") pass codes will work in the A/P program, as well as the password you select here.

Note:   You should NOT leave this entry field blank, unless you want a blank field to be accepted as the password.  If the password is "None," no password will be used in Accounts Payable programs.


Select  Save=F5 to save the entries.