To open APM, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <APM> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

Add New Vendor

Vendor #

Enter the number you have assigned to vendor, or press <Enter> to move to the "Vendor Name" field.  After the name has been entered, the computer will assign the customer a vendor number in the correct alphabetical order.

Vendor Name

Enter the name of the vendor.

Chk Addr 1, 2, 3

Enter the vendor’s physical address.  Checks will be mailed to this address.

Zip Code

Enter the vendor's zip code.


Enter the vendor's telephone number.

Account #

Enter the account number the vendor has given your company.

(H) to Hold

Leave blank, or, to put vendor on hold, enter "H" so that invoices will not be paid until "H" is taken off.

Normal Terms

Select the discount that is allowed on invoices by this vendor.  The discount will automatically be discounted on each invoice that is entered.  (This discount will not be taken if the invoice is paid after the discount due date that is entered.)

Alpha Index

Enter up to the first six letters of the vendor's name.  You can enter four, five, or six letters or even initials, etc.  Three letters work well, but you will have some vendors that all start with the same letters. These alpha codes can be used instead of the vendor number when reviewing information in Accounts Payable Maintenance (APM), Accounts Payable Inquiry (API) or Accounts Payable Entry (APE) routines.

Default GL#

Enter the General Ledger number for distribution of vendor amounts.  All transactions for this vendor will automatically be credited or debited to this "GL#," unless it is changed.  This number can be overridden when entering invoices or credit memos.

Vendor YTD $

This amount will be automatically entered when invoices or credits are entered for the vendor.

Vendor LYR $

The amount from "Vendor YTD $" will be moved to this field when the APHU ("History Update") program is run at the end of the year.

P O Addr 1, 2, 3

This is for an alternate address, used for your own information only. *NOTE* Checks will still be mailed to the "Chk Addr 1, 2, 3" field.

F5 Options

Select this option to Save the entries, Undo the entries, or to Exit the program without saving.

Change/Delete Vendor

Enter the vendor account number or press <F3> to lookup, and the maintenance screen will be displayed.