Every Week Every Month Once a Year Run at Your Choice

Every Week

IVHR     History Roll*   (See the BSMGR Scheduler Program)

Run a Weekly History.  Roll at the end of each week to move the sales for the week to the previous week, etc. 

Every Month

    IVHR     History Roll*   (See the BSMGR Scheduler Program)

        Monthly Roll, or

        Monthly Roll with Stock Changes

     IVT        Inventory Totals* (See the BSGMR Scheduler Program)

             This program takes a snapshot of your inventory totals and saves the  inventory totals for future comparisons.

Once a Year

APHU   Vendor History Update (Platinum users only)

        The APHU program moves year-to-date totals spent with each vendor to last year totals.

        The information shows on APM.

        This program is usually run in December.

MLUL   Mailing Utilities

        The “History Roll” option moves current purchase totals and current transactions to last year purchase/transactions totals.

        Total purchases/transactions are not affected.

BVH       Video History Roll

        This program zeroes out current period rentals.

        Total rentals and total fees are not affected.

Purge programs that can be periodically run at your choice

ARHU    Customer History

The “Delete History” option deletes Accounts Receivable history prior to the date entered.

APVE    Vendor Edit/Delete

Drops Accounts Payable invoices/credit memos that have been paid from 1 to 60 months, as set up in SYS, Config File, Change Misc. Configurations, line number 3000. 

IVSD   Delete Special Orders

        Deletes received or unavailable special orders that are older than the number of days you request.

        Deletes all special orders with “Received,” “Unavailable,” or  “Picked Up” in the IVSO “Status Code” field.

MLD   Delete Customer by Date

        Churches (Customer Type “C”) will not be deleted.

        All other customers with a last activity date prior to the deletion date will be removed.

SLD   Delete Sales Journal

        Deletes sales history of individual days prior to the date entered, except day “00,” which is the total sales for the month.

        We recommend that you keep at least a five-year history.

SLTD     Transaction Deletions

               Since transactions saved for viewing through the SLTR program use up to 75 lines per transaction, you will periodically need to run this SLTD program to clear the file of older transactions.

IVD     Delete Old P.O. #’s*

        Deletes purchase orders by date.

        Deletes old purchase orders dated prior to the date entered.

     MLUL   Mailing Utilities

The “Purge Tracking Detail” option will remove tracking records older than the input date.  


* May be automated using the BSMGR “SCHEDULER”.