To open IVD, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <IVD> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

Delete PO's by Date

Allows the deletion of purchase orders that still have items on them and deletion of purchase orders that have been merged completely.  There is no effect on the inventory masterfile.  It only clears the order file.

This does not make changes to the inventory masterfile.  You may now need to run the "Match Masterfile with Order File" option.

 Purge All Received Items

Deletes all received items off all purchase orders.  This includes all merged and canceled items.

Match Masterfile with Order File

This option is usually run after running the "Delete PO's by Date" option.  It changes the masterfile to reflect what is actually still on order from various vendors.  Since the entire masterfile must be rewritten, be prepared for a long routine.

Match Multivo File to Ivofile

This option matches the Multivo file to the Ivofile for multi-stores; just as the "Match Masterfile with Order File" option does for single stores.

Clear IVM on Order Files

This option is used by multi-stores. Run this option in each store before running “Match Masterfile with Order File”

Delete Inventory History