1.    Set Up/Change/Delete A/R Accounts


Add new accounts  Change Accounts     Delete Accounts

2.    Enter Beginning Balances


Add beginning balances as invoices. (This is a one-time entry.)

3.    Charge/Credit/Payment to A/R at Point of Sale

Charge/  Credit

At the Sub-Total screen, press "<F5> House Charge" to charge or credit an account.


At the "Item #" field, enter the payment amount, press <Page Up> (or enter </> and press <Enter>) for "Department & Miscellaneous Keys," and choose "#70 Pay on Acct."

4.    Post Charges/Credits/Payments to A/R Accounts


This program posts activity to the individual accounts. Run daily, unless closing out month on A/R.

5.    To Check Balance on A/R Account


Current Inquiry (Balance as of the last SLAR run.  Run SLAR daily, unless Closing the month.)


History Inquiry (All invoices, payments, credit memos from prior months, unless they have been purged.)

6.    To Manually Post Adjustments/Payments to A/R Accounts


Post manually to A/R accounts (Payments default as credits; adjustments default as debits.  Use a minus for credits on adjustments.   Goes directly onto the account.  You need to ring up batch total on acct.#100001 at the Point of Sale so it will be reflected on Z-Tape and Sales Journal.)

7.    End of Month


Run SLAR to post  the charges/credit/payments not already posted to A/R.  Do not run SLAR again until statements have been printed, ARHE has been printed, and ARSM has been run.


Run the A/R Aged Balances, "Monthly" option. (Must be Monthly) Re-run if any changes are made to the accounts after the first run


Reprint any invoices needed. (Must have statement code of "Invoice Needed" on the account before invoices are charged.)


Print the Statements.


History Extract. (Must be run.)


Set up for new month. (Must be run.)

(You are now ready for the next month and may run SLAR to post charges, credits, and payments.  These are held in a file, and all activity since the last time SLAR was run will be posted.)