To open ARS, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <ARS> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

Note:   You must run the ARA "Monthly" aging report before printing new statements.   

Note:    Statements will print with a line that reads “Past Due Amounts Subject to Yearly Interest Rate.”  You may change this by adding a line in Environment that reads as follows:



Create New Statements

Note:   If reprinting statements for the month you are closing, choose "Create New Statements" until the ARSM ("Set up for New Month") program is run.

Reprint Last Month’s

Statements will be printed according to "Statement Code" set up in ARM:

The statements print out on 8 l/2" by 11" statement forms.

You may print as many test patterns as needed on dot-matrix printers. (Laser printers and Windows print spooler do not ask for test pattern.) The test pattern is printed on the first line at the very top of the statement. The test pattern will print 11111s, then 22222s, etc. Any adjustments to the placement of the paper should be made at this time by taking the printer off line. Do NOT turn off the power to the printer, or you will lose the information sent to the printer to set the form length and font.

After the statements are printed, the following message will appear as a reminder to run the ARHE report:

"Do you wish to run the ‘ARHE’ Current Activity History Extract?"

Yes Choosing "Yes" will take you into the ARHE program.
Change paper and run/print the ARHE report at this time.
(See ARHE)

No You may run/print the ARHE report later.
(See "ARHE" for instructions.)

NOTE:     The ARHE program can only be run "ONE" time and has to be run before you run ARSM ("Set up for new month").