To open ARHE, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <ARHE> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

         This program prints a summary report of all Accounts Receivable activity.  It also calculates and posts any service charges to the account.  For balance forward accounts, ARHE will calculate the new balance forward balances and move the previous month’s information to A/R history.  For open item accounts, BSMGR will move any paid invoices or used up payments into A/R history.

        Note:   The service charges are not automatically posted into BSMGR’s  General Ledger.  ARHE should be run only ONE time per close out.

 Message:   “This is an A/R close out procedure.  Do you wish to continue?”

    If you choose Yes, the next message will be:

         “Do you wish to backup all the A/R files?”

          Unless your hard dirve is full, always choose YES.  When the backup option in BSMGR’s A/R backup runs, several important A/R FILES will be copied and put into a “ZIP” file in the “BKHIST” directory called “ARBAK1” thru ARBAK6. ARBAK1 includes the 6 files listed below for the current month.  ARBAK2 includes the 6 files listed below for  the second to last close out etc.

  1. ARSHIST       (found in the BKHIST Directory)
  2. ARMAST       (found in the BOOK Directory)
  3. ARSTMTD     (found in the BOOK Directory)
  4. CUSINV         (found in the BOOK Directory)
  5. PAYMENTS   (found in the BOOK Directory)
  6. ARAAGE2     (found in the BOOK Directory)

       If the Activity Report/History Extract fails to print completely, you MUST restore these files before re-running.

          After the ARHE program is run, the following message is displayed:

       “The (ARSM) needs to be run if you are closing out the month.  Run ARSM.”  Select Yes if you are closing out the month.

Choosing Yes to the next message, “Set Up AR for New Month?” will take you into the ARSM program.  (See ARSM for instructions)

        Note:   Do not run the ARSM program until the ARHE history extract program is completely printed.  If the history extract program does not completely print, you will need to restore the files backed up at the beginning of the program, and rerun the ARHE program.

        Note:   If you choose to run the ARSM program at this time, you need not do NOT run it from the menu.