1.    At the end of the day that you close out the month, run the SLAR to post the Accounts Receivable charges/payments/credits from the Point of Sale.  Payments made at the Point of Sale after the closeout day may be posted to the accounts using SLAR, choosing the "Post only Payments" option.   Any manual entries made using ARE will be included on the statements.

2.    Run the ARA program, choosing the "Monthly" option.  If any changes are made in ARE after the ARA is run, you must re-run ARA "Monthly" so the changes will be reflected on the statement.  The ARA program will print a service charge journal. Re-running ARA "Monthly" will NOT post service charges twice or age balances again.

3.    Run the ARIP program to re-print any invoices needed.

4.    Run the ARS program to print the statements.  You may re-print statements if needed.

5.    Run the ARHE program to merge the current activity into the A/R history file and to print a summary of the current activity for the month.

6.    Run the ARSM program to set up for new month. You may verify that all steps were completed successfully, by using the ARI program to check any customer who has a balance.  The account should show only the date of the last statement and the balance.