Order From a Saved Work Order

Note:    Before you can order from an IVWO work order report, you must have run the IVWO program for a specific vendor, multiple vendors, or a distributor, and the work order saved.  If there is no saved work order on file, this field will be inactive..

Note:   If the work order was flagged to include special orders at the time it was created and saved, the special orders cannot be deleted from the saved work order.

Choose this "Order from Saved Work Order" option and select OK.


Specific Vendor

General Information

P.O.# - The purchase order number will be automatically displayed, followed by the vendor name.

PO Suffix - This is in addition to the traditional purchase order number (prefix).  In essence, this gives users the ability to create their own P.O. numbers.  For example, if the P.O. number was 0111260291 with a suffix of BAK15, the user can look up the P.O. by either the traditional P.O. number or the suffix.

Bill To and Ship To - The "Bill To" information is pulled from the ARHD ("Company Header Info.") file.  The "Ship To" information defaults to the same as for billing, but may be changed.

SAN# - The SAN# is pulled from SYS, Config File, Change Misc. Configurations, number 7000.

Ship Ins, B.O. Ins and Special - The Shipping Instructions, Backorder Instructions, and Special codes are pulled from the vendor information set up in the IVVM ("Vendor Maintenance") program.  You may edit this information, overriding the way the vendor is set up.  This will only change the information for this purchase order.  The purchase order must be prepared electronically/printed after changes are made.

Note:  See IVVM "Special Codes" in the Inventory section of this reference manual for specific codes for Spring Arbor/Ingram.

Misc. - This field was especially designed for Ingram/Arbor.  When they give a special deal for some reason, edit the “Ship Ins.” field to “No Instructions,” and then in the “Misc.” field, enter the code given for the special deal.  Example:  SO=123.X-Net

The “Additional Electronic Order Information” is for vendors who accept electronic purchase orders.  Starting with Version 5.2, BSMGR supports the X12 electronic ordering format.  This format is used for X-Net (EDI) electronic ordering through General Electric Information Service (GEIS).   If you are interested in ordering with vendors that support X•net, call BSMGR.

Following is the additional information needed if they require an "X" in the electronic order type.

Requested Ship Date - Enter the date you would like the items shipped.

Order Transmitted Via - All electronic transmitting programs will automatically update this field.  The user can also update the field for orders to salesman, a call in, etc.  (E=Electronic, F=Fax, S=Salesman, P=Phone, C=Convention)

Acknowledgment Type - Enter the code for the type of acknowledgment wanted.  Press <F3> to look up the acknowledgment type codes.

Alt Address - Used with Multi-store to ship to a alternate store location.

Spl Instructions - Enter any special instructions.

Time - Enter the time.

Cancel After - Enter the date to cancel.

P.O. Type - Enter the code for the type of purchase order being sent. Press<F3> to look up the P.O. type codes.

Select OK=F5, and the items on the purchase order will be displayed.

Items on P.O.

Options/Command Buttons at Bottom of Screen:


A window will be displayed, where you can make changes to a highlighted item.

Note:    To automatically calculate a discount in the "Cost" field, enter a percentage amount and press <F6> (F6=Disc.%).

Note:    The system verifies that quantity (“Qty”) is divisible by units to a package.

Example:    If an item comes 5 to a package, you cannot order 6 units individually.  You must order in lots of 1, 10, 15, etc.


This option allows you to change the default discount, which has been set up in IVVM for the vendor.  For example, if the vendor is offering a special discount for a certain quantity or type of order, or for a certain time period, the "Discounts=F15" command will allow you to apply the special discount to this purchase order.


This option allows you to view and make changes to a highlighted item in inventory maintenance.


The total units ordered, retail value and wholesale value of the needed items are shown.  If quantities ordered are changed and/or you delete items, you would need to select "Totals=F7" again to refigure the amounts.

Spl Orders=F8

This will add any special orders that have been made since the work order was saved.


This option allows you to switch the listing of items between alphabetical by title and numerical by item number.

View TBO's=F12

This will allow you to view your TBO's.


This option allows you to add items to the work order.  If you do not know the item number, you may press <F3> for the option to look up in the IVM, IVI or IVDI programs.


Vendor order requirements assigned to vendor that this purchase order is for.  This data is edited via “IVVM” using the “Misc./Reuirement” field.


Note:    To automatically calculate a discount in the "Cost" field, enter a percentage amount and press<F6> (F6=Disc.%).  Calculating a 100 percentage amount will show a zero cost.

Note:    The system verifies that quantity (“Qty”) is divisible by units to a package.

Example:    If an item comes 5 to a package, you cannot order 6 units individually.  You must order in lots of 1, 10, 15, etc.


Gives you the options to prepare electronic orders, with or without printing, and the option to exit the program, automatically saving the purchase order.  

For users who have purchased the E-Mail package along with the Electronic Ordering package, the “Fax” option allows you to fax a purchase order after it has been created.  (Of course, the vendor’s fax number must have first been set up in Inventory Vendor Maintenance [IVM]).

The option “Send Electronically” is also given to prepare the order, send it and print the confirmation in one action (a shortcut which eliminates the extra steps of preparing the electronic order, sending it through the COMM program and printing the confirmation through the IVIC program).

Add by Scanning=F16

This option allows you to add items to the order by simply scanning.  IVPR has an option “Receive by scanning, no P.O.”.  We would recommend adding by scanning and then doing a complete merge in IVPR.  This would allow for detailed P.O. records for future costing methods.


The order number will default in the "P.O.#" field.

Choose "Print and Prepare Electronic Order" or "Prepare Electronic Order (No Print)."   Then enter the number of copies of each special order to print.  If you do not want to print special orders, enter zero (0).

The "X12 Production Order" (a real order) and "X12 Test Order" options affect only X12 electronic orders and will normally be left in the production order default.

Note:    Some vendors do not distinguish between real orders and test orders and will accept a test order as a real order.

The "Department Cost Breakout" option allows you to breakout the totals on a following page.  The totals could show BOOKS 300.00 at Cost, MUSIC 250.00 at Cost, etc.

The “Item # Order” option allows you to print the P.O. in order by item number rather than in order by title (description).

Select OK.  The purchase order will print, followed by each special order, all on a separate pages.

Note:   If you need to print the purchase order at a later time, you can use a shortcut program, IVOP ("Inventory Order Print"), to avoid having to go back into the IVO program.


Format of Printed Purchase Order


Order To:

WACO, TX 76702
Tel: 8009339673 Fax: 8177725474
SAN # : 2546521
Account # : 256985
P.O. # : 256985
Date : OCT 1,1996
Bill To: Ship To:
ABILENE TX 796016127 ABILENE TX 796016127
Special Instructions :

Back Order Instructions: Cancel all B/O

Ship Via Required Date Cancel After Page
UPS   10/05/96   10/15/96   1


Qty Item # Description Author Catalog/UPC Retail Cost Ext. Off Use
  1 3017646203 ALL IS WELL SMITH, M.W. 8.98 5.39 5.39
* 2 0849913357 BOOK OF UNCOMMON POLLOCK CO 16.99 10.19 20.38 1
  1 0849938570 FACING YOUR FEEL KRAFT V 12.99 7.79 7.79


  • UPC # (SYS, Config File, Change Misc. Configurations, number 2010, Print (U)PC or (C)atalog on PO's?
  • Qty and Item # print in a larger font if SYS, Config File, Change Misc. Configurations, number 7033 ("Double High Print (IVO)? D=Yes") is set up.  This makes the numbers more readable if purchase order is faxed.
  • If an item is for a special order, an asterisk will be printed before the quantity.
  • If you have the item on hand, the quantity on hand will be shown under Office Use.
  • You may also choose to print the Selling Price in the Office Use column by using SYS, Config File, Change Misc. Configurations, number 2096.

Format of Printed Special Order



CONTROL # : 009400
ITEM # : 0849938570
PRICE : 12.99
QTY       1



PO NUMBER : 9610030921
ZIP CODE 79605

HOME PHN 915/698/4444

DATE ORDERED :10-03-96




  • Each Special Order will be printed on a separate page.
  • Print the special orders and keep with the printed purchase order.  When the items come in, pull the special orders so they will not be put out with regular stock.

Note:    Multi-Store Options - You may choose to break out Multi-Stores’ purchase orders ("Multi Store Print"). When the order is printed, you may choose to print the Multi-Store breakout.  This will print the order, and after each item ordered, the breakout for each store, up to six stores, will be printed.


wpeB.gif (1602 bytes)

If you choose to print  the Multi-Store breakout, you are given the option ("Separate P.O. Distribution") to print the items ordered for each store separately.  The report will be in the following format:

wpeA.gif (3623 bytes)


Purchase Order Distribution

P.O. 9705090022

Store Name: Good Books


Description Author Catalog/UPC Retail Cost Ext.
3 0005065038 CARRY ME ISAACS 15.98 9.58 25.74
3 0916441202 EACH NEW DAY TEN BOOM 8.97 5.38 16.14
1 0842313192 HEAVEN CRISWELL 14.99 8.97 8.97
4 0880703822 TEACH ME ABOUT PRAYER SATTGAST 4.99 2.99 11.96

You may take the "Purchase Order Distribution" report to the store that will receive the merchandise.

Note:   If the purchase order is split, you may merge the P.O. at the store that receives the merchandise.


Multiple Vendor Summary

Enter the "Distributor"  number, and select OK.

"Now Being Generated", will be displayed on the screen, and when all the purchase orders have been generated, a list of created purchase orders will be displayed.

To view, make changes or add to one of the purchase orders, highlight the number, and select View.

To print and prepare electronic order for one of the purchase orders, highlight the number, and select Print.  You may also choose to Print All listed purchase orders.  To exit, select Cancel.