To open IVI, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <IVI> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

Search options for an item are:



Key Word

Item #

Secondary #

Catalog #

Category #1

Category #2

CPC Code

Vendor #1

Search options for screen 2 items are:

Note:  To turn on the “Messages” tab, set the environment file variable "USE-MESSAGE-IVM-DATA" to a “Y”.


After selecting and entering one of these search fields, select Search=F5.

At the inquiry screen, you can further limit your search by author or title by typing the first few letters of the title or author, which will move the list to that alphabetical range.  When you find the item you are searching for, you may use the arrow keys to highlight the item, allowing you to view information on the screen, such as price, quantity on hand (in stock), quantity on order, category (where the item can be found in your store), etc.

Options at Bottom of Screen:


This option allows you to escape back to the search screen.


This option allows you to view the complete inventory maintenance record of the item.


F6 allows you to make a special order of the item for a customer.  If the order is just for the store, you can now use F16 <Shift F6>, which skips the Phone # field on the special order, automatically enters “Store” in the Name field, un-checks the "Committed" check box, and puts the cursor in the "Initial" field.  This saves time in making all entries on this type of order.


If you are searching IVI from Point of Sale or when making an order, this option allows you to transfer the item to the POS transaction or to the order.


Multi-Stores can make inquiry of the status of an item in other stores.