Note:    IVIC requires electronic invoices and confirmations received using the optional Electronic Ordering programs.

To open IVIC, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <IVIC> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

This program allows you to print the electronic order confirmation after you have sent an electronic order to, and received an acknowledgment from, a vendor.


Enter the vendor number for acknowledgments from a particular vendor, or enter < X•net> for a list of acknowledgments downloaded from X•net

After the user electronically connects with the vendor, a list of documents downloaded is available for print of viewing.  See below:

EDI Documents that BSMGR currently supports: (Note that very few vendors support all documents.  Contact each vendor for their supported documents)


Provides the user with the same type information that would be found on a typical invoice. 

ASN – Advance Ship Notice – Provides the user with information pertaining to what items are in what box.  The vendor creates this final after shipment.

Functional Acknowledgment – The vendor acknowledges they received your order but the do NOT provide information as to what is shipping.

Acknowledgment/Confirmation (Most popular) The vendor acknowledges the order and lists the items they believe to be shipping.  This document is created before the shipment is actually made.  Therefore, there is the possibility for potential differences between what the vendor thinks they are shipping and what they are actually able to ship.

After viewing or selecting to print, you will be given the option to “Adjust this P.O. for all Items Canceled, Backordered, NYP and OP Items?”  Select “Yes” at this message, and items that you will not receive will be canceled or backordered.

Note:  IVIC can automatically adjust purchase orders from multiple acknowledgments in either X-12 or BISAC format, as well as acknowledgments from point-to-point vendor orders.

Note:  If choosing to automatically make changes to an order, you will need to re-print the order using the IVO “Print an Existing P.O.” option so you will have a copy of what you will be receiving.

Upon receipt of an electronic order acknowledgment from a vendor that supports multiple warehouses (Spring Arbor/Ingram is the only one at this time), in addition to the option to make adjustments for canceled items, there is an option, “Cascade Order,” to automatically transfer canceled items to another vendor’s purchase order.

Note:  You must enter a P.O. # if Cascading items.