Add/Change/Delete Vendors

To open IVVM, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <IVVM> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

Screen 1 - Vendor Information

Vendor #

Enter the three-digit vendor number, the abbreviation for the vendor, or press <F3> for "Vendor Look Up."  At "Vendor Look Up," arrow down to locate the vendor, or enter the first few letters of the vendor name and the cursor will move to that alphabetical range.  Highlight the correct vendor and select OK.  The vendor maintenance information will be transferred to the screen.

If you are adding a new vendor, assign a number to this vendor and continue to set up the maintenance information.

Vendor Name

Enter the name of the Vendor.


Enter the abbreviation/acronym that you may use to call the vendor number.  You may use any variation of up to five digits.

Example:    "CHWLD" could be used to bring up a vendor number 048, which could be Christian World.

Account #

Enter the account number the vendor has assigned to your store.

Contact Person

Enter the name of the person whom you should contact.

Turnover Table

A setting of 0-9 will cause inventory items associated with this vendor to be evaluate for min/max changes (IVHR) using this setting instead of the category or department setting.

Cust. Service #

Enter the telephone number for customer service.

Sales Phone #

Enter the telephone number where orders will be taken.

Fax Phone #

Enter the fax number of the vendor where purchase orders will be faxed.

Daily Discount

Enter the average discount you normally receive from this vendor.

IVDC Changes? Y/N

This field allows you to exempt certain vendors from IVDC (“Database Compare”) price changes.


Enter any miscellaneous information for this vendor.  Viewed in IVWO and IVO.

Send Category? Y/N

For vendors who accept X12 electronic file formats you can include the store’s category information for use in printing price labels.  (Currently, only Appalachian supports this.)

Shipping Ins.

Select one of the options in the shipping instructions drop box.  The default is "Best Method."

Elec Order Type

You may select one of the options in the electronic order type drop box.


Spring Arbor  Ingram Flashback (Not BISAC) 
Moody Press  BISAC/N o Carriage Returns
All X-net Vendors  BISAC/X12


Back Order Ins.

Select one of the options in the backorder instruction drop box.

SAN Instruction

Select one of the options in the SAN instruction drop box.

Last P.O. sent FTP

BSMGR automatically updates this field each time a vendor's purchase order is sent via FTP.

Buyer /Code

Enter the name of the person who will be placing orders to this vendor.  You may also enter a code that can be used to limit work orders to a specific type of vendor.

Example:    If you assign all the “Music Vendors”  a buyer code of “M,” when you run a Multiple Vendor work order choosing a buyer code of “M,” only vendors who have been assigned a buyer code of “M” or are left blank in this field will be displayed.

SAN Number

Enter the publisher's Standard Address Number.  This number is only used when you are using electronic ordering.  You will need to get the number from the publisher.

Send Prices

If a store sends prices on electronic orders to Appalachian, those prices will print on the label.  Some stores don’t want those prices on the labels.  This field allows you to enter “N”  to turn off sending prices to vendors.

A/P Vendor

Enter the six-digit Accounts Payable number you have given the vendor.  (Used only as a reference.)

Special Codes

Enter any special codes obtained from the vendor that the vendor needs.  This field is only used on electronic orders.  These entries may also be overridden on a purchase order in the IVO ("Make/Change Orders") program.

The following companies have forwarded information to us:

Sprint Arbor/Ingram Flashback requires specific codes which you must get direct from them.   The six positions in the field must express Ingram's code for:

1.    GreenLight either "Y" or "N"

"Y" will agree to participate in the GreenLight program to access approximately 75,000 lower-demand titles which are usually sold at a lower discount than regular inventory titles.

2.    Warehouse Pairs either "Y" or "N"

"Y" means any items ordered not available from the Primary distribution center will be shipped from the Secondary distribution center.

3.    Warehouse Code

(C=Chambersburg, PA; D=Ft Wayne, IN; N=LaVergne, TN; E=Roseburg, OR; etc. new codes may be added in the future)

Note:  You may wish to call them to verify current codes.

4.    P.O. Type

(0=Purchase Order; 1=Confirmation Only; 2=Reserved for Future Use; 3=Stock Status Check; 4=Reserved for Future Use; 5=Confirmation Only--For Specific PO#)

5.   Backorder Release either "H" or "R"

"H" means to hold titles to be combined with next shipment.   "R" means to release and ship immediately when received.

6.    (Future Use)


When calling for this information, tell Ingram to recognize your order by your SAN number instead of your account number.

Ingram Example:

Electronic Codes (YYC0R) means:

  • Yes to GreenLight.
  • Yes to warehouse pairs.
  • Ship from Walnut, CA.
  • This is a purchase order.
  • Release backorders to ship immediately.

For further explanation concerning the meaning of these choices, please refer to your Ingram catalog or call Ingram.

Note:    To request a confirmation on an order already sent to Ingram, change the "Special" codes field under the "General Information" of the Purchase Order to show a "5" = Confirmation Only--For Specific P.O.#, instead of a "0" = Purchase Order.  The "5" should be the fourth character of the "Special" codes.

Spring Arbor Access will ship from the warehouse nearest you, using the shipping method set up with you; however, you may request items to be shipped a different way and/or from another warehouse:

    Shipping:  401=Cheapest, 402=UPS, 403=Book Rate, 404=Freight, 405=Pick-up, 406=UPS Second Day

    Warehouse: 501=TN, 502=OR, 503=CO, 504=CA, 505=CT, 506=AR, 507=MI

Note:  You may wish to call them to verify current codes.

Product Qualifier

For vendors receiving EDI orders.

By default, X-12 orders are sent with two numbers; however, since some vendors cannot handle both numbers, you may select from the following combination:

UPC Only
E AN Only

Note:    When you select ISBN Only, UPC Only or EAN Only, and that number does not exist, the order will be sent with whatever number is in the primary item number field.

Screen 2 - Vendor Addresses

Order Address

Enter the vendor order address, where you will mail purchase orders.

(Address 1, Address 2, City, State, and Zip)

Return Address

Enter the vendor address for mailing returned merchandise.

(Address 1, Address 2, City, State, and Zip)


Allows you to put notes in for anything you need.

Screen 3 - Telemarket/Etc.

Screen 4 - Electronic Variables

Screen 3 displays the Electronic Variables where you may enter information supplied by vendors, which is required for receiving electronic orders.

Press <F5> for options to Save, etc.