1. Listen to the training CD's listed in the Internet Online Training Syllabus and complete the associated assignments.

  2. (Platinum users) If you rent videotapes, print labels for videos using VIP so they can be scanned at Point of Sale.

  3. Number your existing layaways and gift certificates.  Enter them into BSMGR using the SLGL program.

  4. Using the CREATE (“Create/Set Beginning Numbers”) program, set up your beginning A/R invoice number, last used Gift Certificate number, beginning or next Layaway number, beginning Special Order number and beginning Order Entry number (if you have the optional OE program)

  5. Using the ARE program, enter your Accounts Receivable beginning balances.      

  6. You can now begin using the Point of Sale Accounts Receivable, Sales Journal, Video Rental, Gift Certificates, Layaways and Mailing List modules of Bookstore Manager.

  7. Begin entering your inventory using the IVM program “Massive Additions” option.  Begin using Inventory.

  8. Using the APHD program, customize your Accounts Payable Company Header, and using the APM program, set up your vendor accounts.  If the vendor has already been set up, make sure the address is correct and then enter the account number the vendor has assigned your account. 

  9. Using the GLM program, “Add Store” option, set up the General Ledger Company Header account, using “00” in the “Store Number” field.  Also, using the GLE program, enter your General Ledger beginning balances.

  10. You may begin using the A/P and G/L modules of Bookstore Manager.