To open IVUL, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <IVUL> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

The IVUL options are utilities that may be used to simplify the process of entering data repeatedly.  When using the various utilities, the item numbers may be entered, or the items may be scanned with barcode readers.

01 Cycle Count Utilities 19 Multi Store Min/Max Changes
02 UnDiscontinue by Date 20 Add Titles from Store XX to XX
03 Create SLDT.txt extract 21 Clear Sale Prices by Promo #
04 Clear YTD On Hand in IVM 22 Fix Bad Categories
05 Change a Category # 23 Change Ven 1,2,3 from xxx to xxx
06 Exchange Rate Price Utility 24 Clear a Status Code
07 Set beg/End Sale Dates 25 Set all On-Consignment to Zero
08 Reset Sale Dates to Zero 26 Clear Will Call in Arrears
09 Reset Weekly on hand values 27 Clear all TBO's
10 Display .00 Prices & Bogus Cost 28 Match Will Call to IVSO
11 Input Qtys from a File 29 Convention/Laptop Utilities
12 Multi Store Title Compare 30 Title Prefix Category Changes
13 Clear IVM Variances 31 Clear Consignment Sales
14 Create IVI Keyword Tables 32 Import from IVPXRPT.TXT
15 Add IVM Items to Consolidated Database 33 Match IVM history to IVHxx file
16 Set Vendor #1 Using 'Pubs' 34 Redo Bible Categories
17 Change Incorrect IVM Invoice #s 35 Nelson Bible Merchandising Codes
18 Delete Discontinued Products