IVUL - 12 Multi-Store Title Compare

The IVMAST files for the stores being copied or changed must be in the BOOK directory.

This program is used to change title and author information from the master store to another store.  You may also choose to match the categories, pricing information, invoices, and vendors 1, 2 and 3.


At the "Store # that is Correct" field, enter the master store number.

At the "Store # to be Changed" field, enter the store number you want to match the master store.

Limit to one category by entering the category code in the “Limit to Category” field.  The default is All.

If you would like a print out check the box marked: Print items not found.

Each option that you want to match should have a check mark in the check box (title, author, price, categories, price, invoices, and vendors #1, #2 and #3).

Select OK=F5 to complete the program.  "Now Comparing Files" will display on the screen before exiting the program.