1.    To see what needs to be ordered:

  • From specific Vendor #1.
  • From multiple vendor.
  • From distributor.

(Edit and save the work order to use for preparing an order.)

2.    To make order:

  • Order from a saved IVWO work order.
  • Manual order. (Skip IVWO)
  • Automatic order from #1 Vendor. (Skip IVWO)
  • Automatic order from distributor.

3.    To print order:

  • View/change an existing purchase order.
  • Print an existing purchase order.

4.    Send the order:

COMM To electronically send order, you must print or prepare electronically.

Use IVIC to print out electronic invoices and confirmation.

IVO The “Send Electronically” option is a shortcut that allows you to prepare an order, send it, and print the confirmation in one action.
Fax/Mail/Call To send order by fax, mail, or telephone, you must print the order.

5.    To make/send order for special orders to favored vendors.

IVO Select Pull all Special Orders:
  • Enter desired distributor number.
  • OK=F5
  • Select Options=F5, and choose "Send Electronically."
  • Print out the acknowledgment.
  • Cascade to another vendor if desired. (See Cascade Instructions in IVIC.)

6.    To make/send purchase order to a specific vendor.

IVWO Select:   

Specific Vendor #1, then Standard Report, then Below Minimum

  • Enter "Vendor" number.
  • OK=F5 (Items that need to be ordered from the vendor will be pulled to the work order.)
  • Select Options=F5 and choose "Save."
IVO Select:

Order from a saved Work Order.

  • OK=F5, then OK=F5
  • Select Options=F5 and choose "Send Electronically."

7.    Receive/Cancel/Backorder Items:

  • Complete Merge (Merge all items on order.)
  • Cancel Entire Order (Cancel all items on order.)
  • Backorder-Cancel-Change Item (Use to cancel, change or backorder items, then return to the options and choose "Complete Merge" to merge the rest of the order.)

8.    To print barcode labels (if needed):

  • Labels for purchase order.
  • Print the labels.

9.    To make/change/print/merge return request for overstocked items:

IVR Can run projected return, pull items, change return if needed, request permission to return, and then merge the return to take items out of inventory.

Note:   Barcode labels for backordered items will print when merged if items are kept on order after merging. (SYS, Config File, Change Misc. Configurations, number 2076)

Barcode labels for partial backordered items will not print labels for the first partial amount merged, but will print the backordered items when merged.

Barcode labels for special orders will be printed if SYS, Config File, Change Misc. Configurations, number 2064 is set to "Y."