Note:   Some programs in BSMGR require a supervisory pass code and others require a secondary pass code.  You must know the pass codes to run the programs.

CONFIRM is designed to prevent users from accidentally running certain closeout and update programs that do not require a pass code to run.

Specific programs may be set up to "confirm" whether or not the user should be running the programs.

Edit the  CONFIRM file.

At the "Enter Program Name" prompt in BSMGR, type in <EDIT> and press <Enter>.

At the window, enter <CONFIRM> and select OK.

The entry on the first line of this file will be the "confirmation" that will be entered to run the programs that will be listed on the succeeding lines of the file.   You may want to enter a word/code such as "OK" for the confirmation.   If a program acronym were on the first line, that program acronym would be the confirmation code.

Enter the programs that will need a confirmation for the employee to run the programs, such as IVHR, APHU, ARHU, etc.

When opening a program that is in the CONFIRM file, a window will be displayed requiring you to enter the confirmation before you may run the program.