Change 999 Categories

Divide your inventory into as many categories as you need for your store (up to 999 categories).  It is best to keep like categories together; for example, book categories could run from 001-050, music categories from 060-070, etc.  This will enable you to print a range of categories of like product using the IVP program.

Enter each category description, using up to 16 characters.  (Note: Do not use commas to separate words in the description. You may use slashes or dashes; i.e., Marriage/Family.)

You may prevent price changes to a particular category by putting a “N” in the Price-Chgs field.  This will cause the IVDC price change feature to be turned off for the category.

Tie the category to one of the 48 Point of Sale departments, by entering a department number from 01 to 48 in the "Dept #" column.

To override the IVHR turn setting for the department you can enter in a value 0-9.  (See turnover setting under cash register setup).  If this field is left blank, then the turnover analysis setting for the department associated with the category is used.

To put an entire category on sale at a certain percent, enter the discount amount in the "Discount %" column.

Choose F5-Options to Save the entries.