Convert Database Publishing Numbers

To open PUBS, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <PUBS> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.


Assign a Publisher


All items in the databases included with Bookstore Manager Software have a publisher abbreviation.  Using the PUBS program, you can tell BSMGR who your preferred "Vend 1" supplier is.  (See Appendix A for a list of database publisher abbreviations.)  In addition, you can also override the default vendor 2 and 3 settings of SYS Config # 2012 on a vendor by vendor basis.

Example:    Westminster/John Knox Press items are abbreviated "WES."  If your preferred supplier for Westminster products is Spring Arbor, enter "WES" in the "Publisher Abv." field and Spring Arbor’s vendor number in the "Your Supplier #" field.  Then select Options=F5 to Save.

Note:    The Options=F5 Print option allows you to print a list showing which publishers in the database have been linked to which vendors in Vendor Maintenance (IVVM).

Note:   All items that have no publisher defined by the PUBS program default to the current setting in the SYS, Environment file.

Example::    DATA-BASE-SUP1 002

In this example, 002 is the vendor number for Spring Arbor, so any publisher not tied to the database will put 002 in the "Vend 1" field when new items are entered on inventory or when a special order is made through the database for items not on your inventory.

Add/Chg Pubs Message

You may assign a message to a vendor in the CB&M database.  For example, a message might be, “We don’t order from this company.” or “Allow 3 weeks for special orders from this company.”  The message appears when querying the database as to which distributors carry the item.


Note:    Messages are assigned to a particular publisher by entering the message number on the “Assign a Publisher” screen.

Valid message numbers are 0-9 and A-Z for a total of 45 different messages

Note:    You will need to set up the message number “D” as a default message for any publisher that has not been assigned a specific message.  Example:  “We do not order from this publisher.” or “Ask the manager before accepting a special order,” etc.

Also, a setting must be added in the System Environment file.  The setting will be either “PUB-MSGS 1” or “PUB-MSGS 2.”  The difference is seen when no contributing distributor in the database carries the product, and the user has not assigned the publisher a message number in the PUBS program