To open GLTB, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <GLTB> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

Note:    You must run this program before monthly financial statements.  Enter the number for the current period of your fiscal year. When you have reached the end of your fiscal year and you have completed the 12th month, you will need to close to retained earnings and close the year. (See the end of year procedures.)

Note:    Each time you make an adjustment in the General Ledger, you must re-run this GLTB program.  You may run as many times as you wish before you run the GLS ("Set Up New Month") program.

Enter the supervisory password to open the program.

Select whether you wish to Print to Printer or Print to Screen.


Enter Accounting Period

This defaults to the fiscal accounting period following the one that has been closed.  If it defaults to the accounting period you thought had been completed, you probably have not run the GLS ("Set Up New Month") program.

Check GLI ("Balance/History Inquiry") to see if entries for the period just completed are still in the current period.  If they are, you have not set up for new month and are still working in that fiscal period.  If entries are made for the next period without setting up for new month, the entries will have to be reversed, or you will have two months together.  The GLM Company Header account ("Add Store" option) sets up the fiscal period completed.

 Enter Period Ending Date

Enter the ending date of the fiscal period you are working in by entering the month, day, and year.

Select OK to print the report.

wpe4.gif (4083 bytes)

The Beginning Balance, Current Period entries, and Account Balances will be shown for all accounts.