To open GLI, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <GLI> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

Enter the supervisory password to open GLI.

Enter the account number or press <F3> to lookup.   "General Ledger Lookup" will display the account number, account name, account type (A=Asset, L=Liability, C=Capital, I=Income, E=Expense), and the record type (H=Header Account, A=regular Account, T=Total Account).  Highlight the one you want and select OK.

Note:   You may print to the printer all General Ledger accounts by entering "000000" in the "Account Number" field.


Choose whether you want information for the "Current Month" or the "History Year," choose whether to Print Report to the "Screen" or the "Printer," and then select OK.

Current Month

The account number, title of account, and balance forward will be displayed at the top of the file.

The paged list box will include:

10 = Cash Receipts Journal

20 = Cash Disbursements Journal

30 = Sales Journal

40 = Purchase/Accounts Payable Journal

50 = Payroll Journal

60 = General Journal

70 = Adjustment (Prior Period) Journal

The Ending Balance of the account after current entries will be displayed below the list box.

By using the command buttons at the bottom of the screen, the listings can be sorted by Code, Date, Amount and Description.

Select OK to return to the inquiry screen, where the account number and name will still be displayed, and where you may select "History Year" to inquire about history or select "Printer" to print the file.

Select New Account to return to the inquiry screen with a blank account number field, where you may inquire about another account.

History Year

The "History Year" inquiry will display the same way as the "Current Month" inquiry, except there will be no balance forward and the balance below the list box will be the "History Balance" instead of "Ending Balance."

The information shows all transactions for each General Ledger account for all months completed in the current fiscal year.  It does not show the entries made in the current period.

A printout of the GLI files will show the same information as is shown on the screen.  It will also print the date at the top of the page.