To open TRAIN, enter <TRAIN> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.


This program can be used for training new employees.  Before using training mode, the copy files option is used to copy the current data files to a training files.  (This may be skipped if previously done).  The user may then enter training mode using the third option.  To exit training mode, the user must exit completely out of BSMGR.  By option, the training files may be deleted.

Copy Files

This option allows you to copy the BSMGR BOOK and BKHIST directories to new subdirectories of TB and TH off the BOOK and BKHIST directories to use for training purposes.

Note:   You will need enough space on your server hard drive to accommodate these training directories.

Delete Training Files

After the training is completed, this option allows you to delete the directories that you have copied for training purposes.

Enter Training Mode

This option allows you to use the copied BSMGR directories for training.   "Training Mode On!" will be displayed before entering programs.

Note:   Limitation - You cannot access System Maintenance while in the training mode.

You must exit out of BSMGR to shut off the training mode.