Note:  This program is part of the optional E-Mail package.  Call the BSMGR sales department if you are interested in purchasing the E-Mail package.

To open this program, enter <ECATALOG> in the “Enter Program Name” field and press <Enter>.


This program allows you to set up and send E-mail ads to all customers.  Using the SCHEDULE (Scheduled Tasks, Option number 7) program, you may also send E-mail notification to customers of new products, based on their purchasing history.

Catalog Items

Enter the item numbers you want included on the E-Catalog.  All items must be in the store’s inventory master file.

Include Web Link

Check this box, if you wish to include a “link” for the recipient to view additional information and images.  (The items must be in the Christian Books & More database.)

Edit Header and Footer

Use this option to compose the text of the E-mail.



Send a sample E-mail to yourself for preview.


Select this option to automatically process and send the E-Catalog ad to the customers on you E-mail list.

Note:   In MLM, there is a check box to select if a customer requests no unsolicited E-mail.  Those customers will not receive the E-Catalog.