To open DIAG, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>; or press <Alt U> ("Utilities"), highlight "Diagnostics" and press <Enter>; or simply enter <DIAG> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>. 

Use the DIAG program to find out the file assignments for a station, inventory masterfile size, mailing list masterfile size, special order file size, to copy new programs, recover IVMAST, IVSPL, & NAMES files, and to copy new files.

 File and Printer Assignments

This utility option shows if the proper settings have been made to the system. It will show the file assignments, printer setup and environment settings for the workstation.  It will also show the BSMGR licensing information that pertains to the user store.

Generate Diag Report

This option will allow you to printout a report of the information found under the "File and Printer Assignments" option.

File Systems Utilities


Checks and displays the respective files for number of records, number of deleted records, file size, record size, etc.


Rebuilds the inventory file, special order file, and mailing list names file. Use this utility when you see the user count is greater than zero, or when you have a file error #98 in that particular program.

History Report

This report shows dates, times and options used when running various maintenance programs in BSMGR (ARHU, IVD, IVSD, APVE, SLD, OED, MLD, BVH, IVHR).  This allows you to avoid running any of these programs twice during the same period, by verifying whether or not they have already been run.