·         Some have Icon shortcuts as illustrated below:


   CALC    Notepad     Print      TIME     PLAN 

 COMM     Stock Check    Database Inquiry 

  Branch Store Inquiry     View a File     Single Price Label 

  Quest Orders - Stores that have the Quest Multimedia Systems connected to their BSMGR system can use this icon to bring up the QORDERS program, which shows a list of items that have been “ordered” by customers.  These items can then be transferred to a special order screen, where a special order can be set up.

    Decrypt Internet Credit Card Numbers - For users who have their website with BSMGR.

  CHART  - Activates the CHART program.  

   TUTOR - BSMGR miscellaneous training and tech documents provided by BSMGR.  Many of these documents are Windows, hardware and network related.  These documents are not included in the BSMGR manual. 

    TBO – Allow the user to quickly add quantity to the IVM TBO field

   History – Caused BSMGR to view the sales history for any inventory item currently highlighted.  Will also show the last 3 invoices received for the current item.

            *          View your stores categories
                    Run your favorite program.  See SYS Config # 7018 (repeat for 2&3)