This program allows you to limit who can operate point of sale and what features of point of sale are allowed for the particular employee.  SYS Config #  4027 must be set to a “P” before point of sale will require the “Employee Alias (Password).

Employee Alias (Password) "Passwords:Point of Sale Passwords"

This is the data that will be entered into POS if SYS Config # 4027 has been turned on.  When the password in entered in at point of sale, the screen will not show the value.

Name Employee is known by

This is the data that will appear on the customer receipt reflecting who made the sale.  For example, if the employee above was used, J15 would be required by POS to begin the sale but “BOB” would print on the ticket.

Employee #

POS has an option to keep daily totals for the z-tape for up to 99 employees.  These totals are normally used for commission sales. (See also SLEMP for a possible better solution).  To use this field set SYS Config # 4021 to a “Y”.

Various Check Boxes

When employee passcodes are used, these check boxes determine what features the particular employee has available to them at point of sale.  Note that these limitations can be overridden at point of sale by any employee who has the permission to do the desired option.  Point of sale automatically prompts for the override code and resets the permissions to the original values after each sale.


Y Will activate the "Employee #" field.
P Will activate the "Passcode" field instead of the "Employee #" field.
N Select this if you do not wish to use these features.
  1. Also, in order for these totals to print on the Z-tape, the last two characters of the "Employee #" must be numbers (01-99) instead of letters.  Initials may be used for employee numbers.  However, if the last two characters are not numbers 01-99, the totals sold per employee will not be shown on the Z tape.
  2. The sales for any numbers other than 01-99 will appear as "Other" on the Z tape.