To open IVSP, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <IVSP> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

All the special order printouts will show the customer name, telephone number, title, quantity ordered, item number, purchase order number, vendor number, status of the order, times canceled, whether it is a rush order, control number,  date the customer ordered the item, and quantity on hand.  The printout will also show the deposit amount.  If the item is paid for, the amount is assumed to be the selling price plus any postage.


All Items

All special ordered items will print.  You may limit by vendor or number of times ordered.  The report will include saved special orders that have not been deleted.

Not on Order

Special order items that have not been ordered, or have been ordered and then canceled, will be printed on the report.  You may limit by vendor.


Special order items that have "Unavailable" status code will be printed.  You may limit by vendor.


Special order items that are on backorder will be printed. You may limit by vendor.

Not Yet Picked Up

Special order items that have been received, but have not yet been picked up by the customer, will be printed.  You may limit by date received.

Orders Taken Since...

Special orders taken since a specified limiting date will be printed.

Needed by Date...

Special orders needed by a specified limiting date will be printed.

Items on Order

Special orders that are currently on order.

Stock Checks  awaiting a P.O.#

Special Orders of items that have been placed on hold with a vendor during a Stock Check, for later addition to a purchase order.


Special Orders that have been drop shipped.


Special Orders that have been reserved (Will Call).


Special Order items that have not yet been printed.

On Hold

Special orders placed on hold until you are ready to order them.


Special orders that have been received but returned to the floor due to customers’ failure to pick them up.



You may limit the report to a specific Vendor.

Items ordered more than xx times

Only items that have been ordered more than a certain number of times will be printed.

Limiting Date

You may limit the special order report printout to a specified date.

Use Archives

Check this to use the deleted archives file instead of the current special order file.

Suppress Non-committed Spl Orders:

Check if you don’t want non committed special orders to print on the report.

Sort By:

Sort by “Customer,” “Title,” or “Quickest.”  Quickest is a random sort.

After selecting the type of special order report you need, select OK to print and exit the program.