This program sets promotion dates.  It first adds any missing titles to the BSMGR Database, then adds missing titles to your store's inventory.  Finally, it sets the promotion dates and sale prices for your store's inventory.  The most common use for this is to import Munce catalog promo items, sale prices & dates.


For stores who wish to create their own promotions, below are the directions for creating a file that IVPROMO can read in order to add promotions to the Promo tab in IVM.


Create a test file using the following information:

Quote, comma separated values.  If a field is blank/empty, please leave at least one blank spaces between the quotes.  In the example below, the "note" field is empty and has a single blank space.  It also HAS to be in the following order as listed.

ISBN                              13-bytes alphanumeric
Start Date                       MMDDYY (no slashes or dashes)
End Date                        MMDDYY (no slashes or dashes)
Sale Price                      9999.99 (numeric with no currency symbol)
Promo Code                   10-bytes alphanumeric
Note                               255-bytes alphanumeric
Title                                50-bytes alphanumeric
Author                            30-bytes alphanumeric
Pub Code                       3-bytes alphanumeric
Promo Type                    5-bytes alphanumeric
Retail Price                     9999.99 (numeric with no currency symbol)
UPC                              13-bytes alphanumeric
ISBN13                          13-bytes alphanumeric
Type                              5-bytes alphanumeric

Example line:

"000768430323","042209","052409","  15.97","05-09"," ","All That is Within Me","MercyMe","PRO","PROMO","16.98","000768430323","000768430323","PROMO"

After adding all items in promotion to the file, save the file as a text file with an easy to remember filename in your \BOOK directory and run IVPROMO in Bookstore Manager and for the filename type in the name of the promo file that you saved.