To open IVCR, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <IVCR> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.


IVCR allows you to obtain a report of the core inventory (top products) for one or more vendors or a distributor.  If the vendor grades their core products A-D, you may further limit the report by grade A, B, C or D items.  For example, A items might be considered the best of the best.  Larger stores might carry A, B, C and D items; whereas, smaller stores may wish to carry only A and B items. You may select “Add Missing Items” if you wish to add items that are not currently in your inventory.  Then, as you run the program, the IVM screen will pop up, allowing you to Save the items to your inventory.

Note:   This core inventory analysis is limited to participating vendors,  distributors and marketing groups.  They change from time to time but can be viewed using the “Participating Vendors” button.