BSMGR offers a choice of “Menus” for the Main Menu System.  The “Default” menu or an “Alternate” menu.

Default Menu                                                  Alternate Menu (Figure MM2)


Both the default menu and the alternate menu include a “Menu Bar” in the top left hand corner.  Just as a “Menu” in a restaurant provides a list of food offerings, so BSMGR’s “Menu Bar” provides a list of program offerings.  The “Menu Bar” offerings are layered by program type and function.


Notice that both the default menu and the alternate menu also have an entry field where the user may type in a program name.  Typing in the “program name” works as a shortcut to having to navigating through the menu system.  For reference, the table of contents in the BSMGR manual serves as a list of all program names.  In addition, the program names are also listed to the left of the program description on the menu system itself.

The “Alternate Menu” system provides a way of putting your favorite/most often used program on the main menu screen.  See Figure MM2.  The BSMGR program “AMM” is used for setting up the alternate menu system.  See the “AMM” portion of the BSMGR manual for details.