Date and Dollar Input

Dates:  Unless specified, all dates are put into BSMGR using the format of MMDDYY without slashes or dashes.  BSMGR will normally then edit the date and redisplay it in an edited format of  MM/DD/YY.  Example: input 092406 and BSMGR will display 09/24/06.

Dates:  (Trick) On start date input fields the operator can use a syntax of -7, -10, etc. to denote a date of 7 or 10 days back.  BSMGR will calculate the correct date and redisplay the input date in a MM/DD/YY format.  For example, if the date was Jan 10, 2006 entering a -7 and pressing enter would cause BSMGR to display 01/03/06.

Dollar:  Unless specified, all dollars amounts are put into BSMGR without decimal points.  BSMGR will normally then edit the dollar amount and redisplay it accordingly.  Example: input 1099 and BSMGR will display 10.99.