1. The ACU and ETC directories need to be in the path of each computer.  Failure to do so will prevent various programs in BSMGR from working properly. 

  2.  The User and Register assignments for the various workstations must be set.

Each station needs a unique user number and cash register number.  User numbers can be 0-9 or A-Z.  Cash register/station numbers need to be 1-9 or A-I and need to be numbered consecutively, beginning with #1.  To identify to BSMGR the user and station, enter the numbers in the “Target” field of the desktop icon “Properties” screen.  After the word MENU, enter a space and then the user number and station number with no space in between.  In the example below, the 11 after MENU means User 1, Register 1.  Also make sure the Start in is D:\BOOK.