To open GLRM, press <Alt M> ("Menu") and follow the Menu path illustrated below, then press <Enter>, or simply enter <GLRM> in the "Enter Program Name" field and press <Enter>.

GLRM allows recurring maintenance index numbers to be set-up/changed/deleted, so entries that are for the same amount to the same accounts each month may be sent to the General Ledger.  May only be sent to the General Ledger once a month.

 Add Entry

        Note:     Every Recurring entry must have two index numbers set up so that a debit entry and a credit entry will be made to keep the General Ledger in balance.

Recurring Index #

Enter a three-digit index number, which will be used to locate the recurring entry.  You may press <F3> to lookup numbers that have already been assigned.


Enter the description of the recurring entry.

G/L Account #

Enter the General Ledger account number where the entry will be made, or press <F3> to look up.  The G/L account number must be entered or the entry will be canceled.

Times to Take Out

Enter the number of times (months) entry needs to be made.

Times Taken

This will be entered as entries are merged.

G/L Amount

Enter the amount of entry to be entered on the G/L account.  If a credit amount, you must enter a minus.

Date Last Taken

This will be entered as entries are merged.

Select F5-Options and choose Save.


Change/Delete Entry

Enter the three-digit index number for the recurring entry you want to change or delete.  Press <Enter> and the recurring entry will be displayed.

Change - After making the changes, select F5-Options and choose Save.

Delete - Select F5-Options and choose Delete.  "Are you sure you want to delete?" will be displayed.  Select OK to complete the deletion.